About Us

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Our Mission

To develop and preserve housing in Kootenai County that our low-income neighbors and our local workers can afford. We want to provide not just a place to live, but a place to build a future, for all residents living in our county.

Our Vision

We are investing in much more than just a roof and four walls. We are investing in a family’s future. Our business is building hope. To respond to our county’s housing crisis, we and our partners must intentionally be going in the same direction, helping one another to achieve something worthwhile. Through collaboration with local jurisdictions and developers/builders, we will build homes using land trusts and deed restrictions to lower the entry price and preserve affordability in perpetuity. These partnerships make dreams a reality.

Meet Our
Board of Directors

Maggie Lyons

Executive Director

John Bruning

Board Member

Todd Kiesbuy

Board Member

Jeremy Hopson

Board Member

Crissy Carlson

Board Member

Alan Wolfe

Board Member